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Untangling families


Did some work today mapping real life scenarios for families engaged in multiple education services. A thought experiment testing the concepts behind a common, unique identifier for adults. 

Space navigation is hard. Discuss. 


Actually you’ll end up in an irregular heliocentric orbit, frozen and asphyxiated whilst bombarded by hard radiation

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The Gamification Revelation

Why are you sitting there working when you should be playing games?

Image source: kurtxio

Another article of mine from 2014 that enjoyed some coverage and feedback. Gamification has eased off on the hype curve however the concepts of gaming and the interplay with ‘real world’ activities and problem solving continues.

Link to the original article on CIO of the Future, and a PDF copy is also attached.



Malcolm.   Dispute it like a man.

Macduff.    I shall do so;
But I must also feel it as a man.


Design anthropology and the IT Leader


Another article in the series I wrote for CIO of the Future a few years back. This article enjoyed wide interest as it tapped into a thread that continues today – what is the role of creativity in enterprise systems design, and what is our role, as leaders, to engender and support this?


Link:  Design Anthropology and the IT Leader



The reasonableness test


Navigating modern corporate life can be an interesting game, these days. There are so many different personalities, styles, cultures and myths to contend with, that it is easier than ever to…offend. Not truly offend, mind you. Not in the reasonable use of the word. But offend as in saying or doing something in a way that another party disagrees with, or is threatened by. This in turns typically leads to them telling you. Not necessarily to your face; often through indirect means.

So – to any and all of those whom may have offended, I offer you a taste of the Bard.

Exit, stage left

Creative, Intelligent, Funny, Passionate – Could This Be Your IT Team?


This article is one of a number I wrote and had published through Ross Dawson’s site “CIO of the Future“.

Creative, Intelligent, Funny, Passionate – Could This Be Your IT Team?





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